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“I’m so appreciative my patients have the invaluable opportunity to meet with Dr. Bukowski…. My patients have been so thankful for all the individualized information they receive at this unique appointment, and feel more prepared for the pregnancy journey and their upcoming deliveries.”

“it will revolutionize obstetrics.”


“Seeing my personalized results and the details on how it was calculated was beneficial to me as a first time mother. It is nice to have the data to back up my birth plan as the time approaches.”

“The data underlying the model take the guesswork out of this decision and enables me to see, based on my personal risk factors, which delivery method is safest for me and my baby."

“I found the IC3 presentation very useful. Not only was the presentation succinct, it was thoroughly explained in uncomplicated language. Further, it helped me to have individualized, personal data that could dismantle the information paralysis that is today's overload of too much access to information …Particularly because this is my first pregnancy, the IC3 clinic helped to ease anxiety and give me a more concrete path forward to a health delivery decision.”

“I have first hand view with my sister and her 5 c-sections and it has caused her lots of pain afterwards. The back aches and change of food habits and lots of other medical issues. So knowing I will be more in the vaginal percentage is perfect and stress free.”

“For me, taking emotion out and looking at everything from a mathematical and scientific view made everything make so much more sense."

“The information that was provided was really helpful to be able to start thinking about making a decision based on a rational source versus just emotions or preconceived notions about what's best.”

“I very much appreciate being able to participate in the individual computation meetings as it equipped me with the knowledge and understanding to successfully advocate for myself in choosing the best option for myself and my child. It was empowering to have this information as I navigated birth discussions with my doctor.

Thank you again,”

“I particularly appreciate the use of specific numbers to describe the risk of a Cesarean for a specific individual rather than describing risk in vague terms such as "high" and "low". Understanding my personal risk and the main factors that contribute to it provides additional confidence that a goal of vaginal delivery is appropriate for me.”

“I didn't realize that unplanned c-sections are more dangerous than planned c sections. I am looking forward to meeting again at Week 36 or a little earlier to provide updates to see if choosing a planned c-section may be a safer option for me to explore.”

“Having this information has given me real data that will help me make a more informed decision going into birth and help me understand where my doctor is coming from should she make a decision to move towards an unplanned cesarean delivery.   Before seeing this data I assumed my risk of an unplanned cesarean delivery was much higher given the current and previous circumstances of my delivery and that was based on zero real data.  I feel much more in control now that I have real data as opposed to assumptions involved in my decision making.  I would encourage more women to obtain this information as it will give them power and help them understand where their doctor may be coming from when they suggest a change to the birth plan.”

“It provides control and the ability to make informed decisions in your birth method, rather than being caught off guard at the moment of delivery.”

“You can never have too much knowledge when it comes to planning for childbirth, so I found the clinic to be more than worthwhile in that regard.”

“The consultation helped me make my decision about giving birth at the birthing center or hospital.”

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